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Conveyor belt system application

Conveyor belt applications for industry transport, the No.1 manufacturer and exported made-in-China by Solido conveyor belt.

Mainly a conveyor system is helpful to move safely both regular or irregular-shaped, large or small size, light or heavy weight; belt conveyor is a system designed to transport or move physical items like materials, goods, even people from one point to another. 

conveyor system is commonly used in the mining, automotive, agricultural, food and beverage, bottling, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics

High-performance Multiply Textile Fabric Conveyor Belts, which are a priority tailor-made transport conveyor, with excellent mechanical features such as low elongation, impact and tension resistance that almost suitable for all applications, that special used in medium load of bulk capacity material transport conveying.

Top Rubber Cover and bottom rubber covers are designed to protect of the carcass inside of the conveyor belts;

Technical of Multiply Fabric Textile conveyor belts with specification for variously industries and different width.


Conveyor belt transport application

Conveyor belt applications;Применение конвейерной ленты;
Industry General Purpose Chemical Resist Cold Resist Fire Resist Food Grade Heat Resist Oil Resist