Conveyor Belts     Rough-Top

Rough-Top conveyor belt

    Rough Top Conveyor belts are designed for a tilt angle of less than 35° and are lightweight, come with cut edges as well a carcass of NN/EP fabric which comes with a surface texture that is shock absorption, wear-resistant and skid-resistant rubber and stabilization for material transportation.

Rough-Top conveyor belt;Конвейерная лента Rough-Top;

Feature Characteristics of Rough-Top conveyor belt:

  • Excellent mesh-like finish design with the ability to absorb and anti-skidding
  • The belts are odorless and non-toxic; a black cover is mostly used.
  • Rough-top belts are perfect for running over the table and flat panel.
  • It provides prevention from material slippage and absorbs vibrations.
  • Rough-top belt can handle transportation at inclination angle of 25 ~ 30°
  • Airports luggage handle, lorry loaders
  • Package Handling and labeling
  • General Conveying of lightweight goods on horizontal, inclined or declined maximum angle of 35 degrees
  • Transporting products like cases, parcels, and sacks
  • Suitable for transportation of fragile/deformed materials as well as pack goods like papers, bags, glass, boxes etc.,

Technical of Rough-Top conveyor belt:

Standard Width 500mm (19.7″) – 1600mm (5.25′)
Type of Fabric EP
Tension Strength 1530 N/mm;
Standard Length Customized
No. of Plies 2 to 4 Plies
Rubber Cover Thickness Up to 12.0mm (0.47″);
Colour Multi-Color
Edge Cut Edge
Splicing Method Hot / Cold / Mechanical
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Pallet / Metal Frame is available)
Belt Identification Number A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) At Every 10 Meters(33′)