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Multiply Textile Conveyor Belts - NN

    The nylon conveyor belt, also known as Multiply Fabric Textile NN conveyor belt, is made of nylon canvas woven in warp and in warp with/or polyamide fiber as the carcass and covered by high-performance rubber. It is suitable for transport under medium to heave load capacity and long distances, high-speed, high-abrasion conditions.

NN Textile Conveyor Belts;

Feature Characteristics of Multiply Textile NN conveyor belt:

  • High strength & Abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent elasticity, wear resistance performance
  • Long service life etc.

Applications of Multiply Textile NN Conveyor Belt:

Technical of Multiply Fabric NN Textile conveyor belts:

Standard Width 300mm (11.8″) to 2500mm (98.4″)
Type of Fabric NN: Warp & Weft with Nylon
Thickness of Ply 0.9 (0.035″) to 2.2 (0.087″) mm/P
Tension Strength 200 to 3000 N/mm
Standard Length Up to 300m (984′)
No. of Plies 1 to 10 Plies
Rubber Cover Thickness Top: 2.0mm (0.079″)  to 12mm (0.47″); Bottom: 0mm  to 4.5mm (0.18″);
Colour Black
Edge Cut Edge / Moulded Edge
Splicing Method Hot / Cold / Mechanical
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Pallet / Metal Frame is available)
Belt Identification Number A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) At Every 10 Meters(33′)