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Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

    Steel wire cord conveyor belts, is a rubber conveyor belt with characterized by a steel cords carcass in warp, with the benefit of low elongation cords to achieve an excellent breaking load and low-tension at large distance. Meanwhile, the weft composes of high elongation steel cords guarantee the conveyor belt with a great transversal flexibility. Therefore, compared to fabric textile conveyor belts, the steel cord conveyor combines excellent tensile strength and lateral elasticity.

Feature Characteristics of Steel-Cord conveyor belts:

  • High Strength and shorter take-ups
  • High adhesion between rubber and steel cord
  • lower elongation and Long Centre Distances
  • Smaller Pulley Diameters which energy savings
  • High Impact and penetration Resistance
  • Excellent Trough-ability
  • Better Splice Life and Strength
  • Easy Reconditioning with hot or cold vulcanization

Structure of Steel-Cord conveyor belt :


  • Top rubber cover 
  • Bottom rubber cover


  • Steel cord reinforcement (Zinc galvanized steel cord)
  • Skim layers insulation gum (core rubber)
  • Lateral breaker reinforcements

The steel cord conveyor belt covers have the advantage of abrasion resistance, tensile strength and elongation. Top rubber cover breaker with great tear and puncture resistance from have impact load; bottom rubber cover breaker main resistance from trapped material which may premature of the carcass damage.

The standard zinc hot-dip galvanized steel cords provide low elongation, high flexibility and high-strength splice.
Warp characteristics:
Warp refers to longitudinal steel cords, which characteristics of high-quality of resistance and elasticity.
Weft Characteristics:
Weft represents the transversal steel cables, which characteristics of specific resistance against cuts, tears and impacts while maintain high flexibility.

Extensive rubber compounding provides excellent rubber/metal adhesion, corrosion resistance and splice efficiencies in the steel cord conveyor belt also with extraordinarily high longevity.

The steel cord conveyor belts’ reinforcements composite of lateral steel cords or textile fabric with very high elasticity that can be work for the carcass or the cover.

Technical of Steel-Cord conveyor belt :

Standard Widths 500mm (1.96″) to 2600mm (102″)
Cord Diameter 3.0mm (0.12″) to 13.5mm (0.53″)
Tension Strength 500 To 7000 N/mm
Min. Cover Thickness 4mm (0.157″) To 10mm (0.39″)
Colour of Cover Black
Edge type Cut Edge / Moulded Edge
Splicing Options Hot / Cold / Mechanical
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Pallet / Metal Frame is available)
Belt Identification Number A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) At Every 10 Meters(33′)