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Multiply Textile Conveyor Belts - Cotton

    The Multiply Textile cotton conveyor belt carcass is made of all-cotton, Vi-cotton and cotton blend both in warp and in the weft, so the elongation is relatively low; the cover uses rubber after molding and vulcanizing. Mainly work with conveying small and medium size material or less wearing materials.

Standards: reference to the international standard IS014890:2003.

Cotton Textile Conveyor Belts;Конвейерные ленты из хлопчатобумажной ткани;

Feature Characteristics of Multiply Cotton Textile conveyor belt:

  • Traditional conveyor belts are suitable for conveying light to medium and short distances.
  • Good in mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber.
  • Anti-static and low elongation.

Applications of Multiply Textile Conveyor Belt:

Technical of Multiply Cotton Fabric Textile conveyor belts:

Standard Width200mm (7.8″) to 2500mm (98.4″)
Type of FabricCC (Cotton)
Single Ply Strength76 N/mm
No. of Plies3 to 12 Plies
Rubber Cover ThicknessTop: 1.5mm (0.059″)  to 30mm (1.18″); Bottom: 1.5mm (0.059″) to 20mm (0.78″);
EdgeCut Edge / Moulded Edge
Splicing MethodHot / Cold / Mechanical
Standard PackingWrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Pallet / Metal Frame is available)
Belt Identification NumberA unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) At Every 10 Meters(33′)