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Conveyor belt contact

conveyor belt contact

Solido Conveyor Belts, located in Dongying China, plant of 13,210 m2, and a high reputation that develops from a designed, conveyor belt manufacturer and subjected to extensive manufacturing, testing, installing and after-sales service, etc. Comply with CE certificate standard & ISO:9001 management system.

    The Solido Conveyor Belt has been supplying, since 1983, with technological solutions to this requiring of material transport by conveying belts installations suitable for multi-applications while maintaining high reliability and consistency of cleaning performance in the process to prove.

Professional Conveyor Belts Manufacture
Multiply Textile conveyor belts
Steel Cord conveyor belts
Special design conveyor belts
If you have questions, reach out to us by [email protected], or WhatsApp +(1)‪ (445) 895-1738‬

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Conveyor belting contact


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